NOTE: Please turn your phone sideways, if reading this page on a phone or iPad!

Unfortunately the government have announced another full lockdown starting Wed 6 Jan 2021, so HHH has to close until Mon 12 Apr 2021, which is the new forecast date to be permitted to restart work, as per the announcement on Mon 22 Feb 2021. 

Karen will not be able to start work until she has received the vaccine, which will hopefully be before the planned start up date of the 21 Apr 2021.

Please remember to get in contact if you need any stretching or sports injury advice, which is free. Karen is permitted to do sports kinesio taping to support a severe injury, if it helps you avoid going to hospital, as they are being overwhelmed by covid patients. Thank you!

If you are a NEW CLIENT please Contact Karen to request a form by email, to complete in advance of your treatment, or it can be completed on the day. Forms now available in Polish too! (Formularz dostępny teraz w języku polskim.)

Please note that for GDPR purposes, all records older than 7 years will be destroyed, (which will be done securely at the end of every tax year). Your name and client number will be kept on file, but that is all. A new client form will have to be completed if you return. All physical records are kept in a locked filing cabinet and any digital records on a secure PC. I am registered with ICO since May 2018.

Bookings slots shown are either: Available, To Be Confirmed (TBC) or Advance Bookings (shown with client reference number for anonymity). Urgent slots may also be available, but are NOT shown below, only through availability shown on the Home page. Please contact Karen directly, if you need to book an Urgent slot. You can now book appointments using the Facebook tool on Karen's Holistic Healing Hands business page.

Arrival time policy: Clients may arrive up to 10 mins early or 10 mins late. If you cannot make your appointment for any reason, PLEASE get in touch as soon as you can. 
At 15 mins late, a text or message will be sent to ask where you are, and whether you still want the appointment?!  
At 30 mins late, Karen will call you to reschedule your appointment for another date and time. 

Rearranging an appointment is NEVER a problem. There is NO charge for missed appointments. 

Whilst we all adjust to life with COVID-19, your experience may be a little different to usual. Karen is waiting for guidance on PPE from 12 Apr 2021, but for now please follow the existing rules:

  • Please arrive wearing your own mask or reusable face covering. You will be provided with a basic surgical mask to wear, otherwise.
  • For mobile clients - Please let me know if I need to bring any additional masks for other people residing in the household?
  • You will be required to use hand antibacterial gel before you enter the house, or wash your hands if you are allergic to hand gel.
  • You will have your temperature checked (with a forehead gun thermometer). 
  • I will not be able to do any treatments on or around the face until the pandemic is fully under control, also as per government guidelines, but I will try to keep treatments as close to the original treatment booked as possible. (The missed time will be added into the back and shoulders, for Full body or Indian head massage treatments.) 
  • Hopi Ear candling will NOT include the mini facial treatment so will only be 30 mins long. The mini facial and sinus release massage will NOT be available.
  • Full Body Hot and Cold Stone Massage will now NOT be available until lock down and mask rules end.
  • Water will be provided at the end, please drink it in the porch before you leave. Please do not take off your mask in the house. Chocolates are given out in December 2020, so please wait until you leave the house before eating it.

Choose a booking slot (shown in BOLD) and contact me with your choice. I will update the website as soon as I can. You can also try out the new Facebook page booking system, but please choose a slot based on the available slots below:

  • Wed 31 Mar 2021 15:00~15:30 Client 007

*** Easter Break - Fri 2 Apr 2021 - Mon 19 Apr 2021 ***

  • Wed 21 Apr 2021 14:00~14:30 Client 142 TBC 
  • Wed 21 Apr 2021 15:00~15:30 Client 023 TBC
  • Fri 23 Apr 2021 19:00~19:30 Client 075 TBC 
  • Fri 23 Apr 2021 20:00~20:30 Client 171 TBC
  • Sun 25 Apr 2021 14:15~15:45 Client 003 TBC
  • Sun 25 Apr 2021 16:30~17:30 Client 155 (Mobile) TBC
  • Sun 25 Apr 2021 18:00~19:00 Client 010 TBC
  • Sun 25 Apr 2021 20:00~20:30 Client 006 TBC
  • -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  • Mon 20 Sept 2021 11:30~14:30 Tetbury Office - Week A (Mobile) TBC 
  • Mon 11 Oct 2021 11:30~14:30 Tetbury Office - Week B (Mobile) TBC