The following offers are available and the offers do not stack. (Wording may be amended): 

25% off a Hot & Cold Stone Full Body Massage, if you book this Winter! Offer, available from: Mid-November 2021 to the end of March 2022. 
NOTE: This treatment is NOT advised in hot weather! This treatment will not be available until Covid-19 is better under control and when Karen has done some additional health and safety checks and precautions! Karen cannot wear her visor to do this treatment (as it is too hot work!), so vaccines must be up to date and a Lateral Flow Test must be taken with a negative result before the treatment. 

You qualify for 10% discount if you meet one of the following criteria:

  • Regular Client - someone who has had at least 5 treatments within the last 2 tax years, at least every 6 months. The 6th treatment will be given the discount. If a client stops coming for 6 months then the Regular Client discount resets.  (Note: Due to Covid-19 closure, Mar 2020 - Apr 2021 will be ignored).
  • Family member of a Regular Client - In a family unit (at the same address) the regular client offer can swap between family members, if the last family member visited within 6 months. One family member has to have had at least 5 treatments in that family group.
  • Long Term Client - someone who has had at least 5 treatments in intermittent phases (e.g. a set of Sports Massage treatments or an annual massage for maintenance) and has been a client with me for over 4 years. This is NOT inclusive of family members. 
  • Sole Trader - anyone who is self-employed, like myself, who works in Therapies, Hairdressing, Beauty, Decorating, Building works, etc
  • Student - Anyone in full-time education. If under 16, they must attend with a parent/ guardian present. A student card is required or parental consent letter (for age 16/ 17 year olds).
  • Retired - If you are over the age of 65, or if you have taken early retirement (e.g. for medical reasons).
  • Universal Credit Recipients - if you are disabled, unemployed or on income support.

£5 gift voucher for recommending a friend. (Offer applies from 1st Jan 2018 and is ongoing, with wording subject to amendment): 

  • If a new client has a treatment and names a friend who referred them, that person will receive a £5 gift voucher dated from when the new client received their treatment. If 2 independent existing clients introduce the same friend and both are named, then they can have a £5 gift voucher each, (unless they are part of the same family unit - then it becomes a single-family gift voucher).  All vouchers are dated from when the new client attends and are valid for 2 years (subject to Terms and Conditions).
  • Money-off voucher(s) will be taken off the total bill, then any client discounts will be applied to the remaining total. More than one voucher may be used at a time.
Gift Vouchers include a choice of Floral or Bamboo that may be purchased for any listed treatment and are valid for 2 years from when the voucher is dated, (subject to Terms and Conditions).   

NOTE: the time that was taken off during Covid lockdown is NOT included in the 2 year limit. 

The Floral voucher is for SPECIFIC
 treatments requested.
The Bamboo Voucher is for MONEY offers, or SPECIFIC treatments requested may be listed

Terms and Conditions: All vouchers are valid for 2 years from the date of issue. Due to intermittent Covid-19 closure, Mar 2020 - Apr 2021 will be ignored. For money gift vouchers worth £50+, the date is amended on the Bamboo voucher (and client notes) when the next treatment is received - with the money remaining on the voucher amended until it reaches £0 (and client discounts apply), then the voucher is considered redeemed. Money-off vouchers valued less than £50 are used BEFORE a client discount is applied. More than one voucher may be used at a time. Treatments may be exchanged for other treatments, and the cash value would be amended using current prices. Treatments exchanged for lower priced treatments will be provided with a gift voucher to the monetary value of the remaining treatment value owed. If a person cannot have any further treatments due to medical reasons, then they will be refunded any money left on their gift voucher. Gift vouchers may be posted out on request.