The following offers are available (wording may be slightly amended): 

*** NEW *** 25% off a Hot & Cold Stone Full Body Massage, if you are one of the first 5 clients in 2021!!! 
NOTE: This treatment is NOT advised in hot weather! Welcome to book in advance, but treatments will not be available until Covid-19 is in control!

You qualify for 10% discount if you meet one of the following criteria:

  • Regular Client - someone who has had at least 5 treatments within the last 2 tax years, at least every 6 months. The 6th treatment will be given the discount. If a client stops coming for 6 months then the Regular Client discount resets.  (Note: Due to Covid-19 closure, Mar-Jul 2020 and Nov 2020 will be ignored). 
  • Family member of a Regular Client - In a family unit (at the same address) the regular client offer can swap between family members, if the last family member visited within 6 months. One family member has to have had at least 5 treatments in that family group.
  • Long Term Client - someone who has had at least 5 treatments in intermittent phases (e.g. a set of Sports Massage treatments or an annual massage for maintenance) and has been a client with me for over 4 years. This is NOT inclusive of family members. 
  • Sole Trader - anyone who is self-employed, like myself, who works in Therapies, Hairdressing, Beauty, Decorating, Building works, etc
  • Student - Anyone still in full-time education. If under 16, they must attend with a parent/ guardian present. Student card required if older.
  • Retired - If you are over the age of 65, or if you have taken early retirement.
  • Universal Credit Recipients - if you are disabled, unemployed or on income support.

£5 gift voucher for recommending a friend. (Offer applies from 1st Jan 2018 and is ongoing, with wording subject to amendment): 

  • If a new client has a treatment and tells me which friend referred them, that person will receive a £5 gift voucher dated from when the new client received their treatment. If 2 independent existing clients introduce the same friend and both are named, then they can have a £5 gift voucher each, (unless they are part of the same family unit - then it becomes a single-family gift voucher).  All vouchers are dated from when the new client attends and are valid for 2 years
  • Update: The money-off voucher(s) is/are taken off the total bill, then any discounts a client receives will be applied to the remaining total. More than one voucher may be used at a time.
Gift Vouchers include a choice of Floral or Bamboo that may be purchased for any listed treatment and are valid for 2 years from when the voucher is dated. 
The Floral voucher is for specific treatments requested.
The Bamboo Voucher is for money offers and percentage discounts, or specific treatments requested
. Money will be taken off first, then percentage off vouchers or client discounts will be applied. 

Terms and Conditions: All vouchers are valid for 2 years from the date of issue. Due to Covid-19 closure, Mar-Jul 2020 and Nov 2020 will be ignored. For money gift vouchers worth £50 or more, the date is amended on the Bamboo voucher (and/ or client notes) when the next treatment is had - with the money remaining on the voucher amended until it reaches £0 (and client discounts apply), then the voucher is redeemed. Money-off vouchers valued less than £50 are used BEFORE a client discount is applied. More than one voucher may be used at a time. Treatments may be exchanged for other treatments, and the cash value would be amended using current prices. Treatments exchanged for lower priced treatments will be provided with a gift voucher to the monetary value of the remaining treatment value owed. If a person cannot have any further treatments due to medical reasons, then they will be refunded any money left on their gift voucher. Gift vouchers may be posted out on request.