Pricing Rules for ALL Treatments from 1st Apr 2018: 

  • £15 for 15 mins, 
  • £25 for 30 mins, 
  • £35 for 45 mins,
  • £45 for 60 mins,
  • £55 for 75 mins,
  • £65 for 90 mins.
  • Discounts available on Offers page.

Pricing Rules for Taping (not subject to client or treatment discounts):

  1. Existing clients are taped for free with the purchase of a roll of Physio Room kinesio sports k-tape (Y or I style in various colours available) for £10 per roll - return as often as required for treatment until the tape runs out.
  2. £5 per session, where a session covers a single body part or equal body parts e.g. Achilles heels, if NOT purchasing a roll of k-tape.
  3. Additionally, £5 to be trained to use the purchased roll of k-tape on your specific injury, if your injury is in an easy to reach part of the body where it can be applied. 

NOTE: If clients do not choose to be trained to use their roll of k-tape, the taping may not be as effective.

Preferred Payment Method: Cash or Direct online bank transfer (use surname / client number as ref). 

  • Also Accepted: PayPal payment, Card payments (VISA, MasterCard, Maestro and American Express) with e-receipt or text-receipt provided to the client, or Cheque (with bank card required to verify).
    Mobile charges:
    (as per Google GPS calculations) £3 within 5 miles, £6 within 10 mile drive + £4 for every additional 10 miles + any additional toll charges/ bridge fees.

Private Tuition: £12/ Hour.

Please also have a look at tailor-made massage oil blends available from my Shop (that opens in a new tab).