Mobile charges from Jul 2020: (as per Google GPS calculations) £5 within 5 miles drive (each way), £10 within 10 mile drive + £7.50 for every additional 10 miles + any additional toll charges/ bridge fees. If you are entitled to a 10% discount, then the mobile charges are now INCLUDED in the 10% offer. 

Pricing for Sports, Massage and Reiki Treatments since 1st Apr 2018 (and prices are still holding!): 

  • £15 for 15 mins,
  • £20 for sports injury Physio Room K-Taping session (takes approximately 20 mins) and you keep the roll for ongoing treatment, applied for free when required, for that specific injury. Replacement rolls cost £10. (If bringing your own roll of K-Tape (e.g. left over K-Tape from a previous session, for the first visit of a new injury, the charge is £10 for the tape application training session.) 
  • £25 for 30 mins, 
  • £35 for 45 mins,
  • £45 for 60 mins,
  • £55 for 75 mins,
  • £65 for 90 mins.
  • £80 for 90 mins Hot and Cold Stone Full Body Massage (£15 additional charge is due to additional cleaning time of the stones).

Preferred Payment Method: Cash or Direct online bank transfer (use surname / client number as ref). 

  • Also Accepted: PayPal payment (friends & family), Card payments (VISA, MasterCard, Maestro and American Express) with e-receipt or text-receipt provided to the client, or Cheque (with bank card/ home address required to verify).
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