Pricing & Shop


Pricing Rules for ALL Treatments from 1st Apr 2018: 

  • £15 for 15 mins, 
  • £25 for 30 mins, 
  • £35 for 45 mins,
  • £45 for 60 mins,
  • £55 for 75 mins,
  • £65 for 90 mins.
  • Discounts available on Offers page.

Pricing Rules for Taping (not subject to client or treatment discounts):

  1. £5 per session, where a session covers a single body part or equivalent body parts e.g. Achilles heels. K-tape roll NOT provided to the client. 
  2. Existing (or referred) clients are given the option to purchase a roll of Physio Room kinesio sports k-tape (Y or I style in various colours available) for £7.50 per roll (at cost price) + £5 for the session = £12.50 - return as often as required for free treatment thereafter until the tape runs out. Basic training is also included.
    NOTE: If clients do not choose to be trained to use their roll of k-tape, the taping may not be as effective.

Preferred Payment Method: Cash or Direct online bank transfer (use surname / client number as ref). 

  • Also Accepted: PayPal payment, Card payments (VISA, MasterCard, Maestro and American Express) with e-receipt or text-receipt provided to the client, or Cheque (with bank card required to verify).
    Mobile charges:
    (as per Google GPS calculations) £3 within 5 miles, £6 within 10 mile drive + £4 for every additional 10 miles + any additional toll charges/ bridge fees.


Tailor made Aromatherapy Massage oils (See Additional Notes below):

  • £5 for 50mls (choose no more than 4 essential oils, or 3 + 1 secondary base oil)
  • £8 for 100mls (choose no more than 6 essential oils, or 5 + 1 secondary base oil)
  • *** SOLD OUT *** £5 for 50mls Winter Blend Room Spritz - made with pure distilled water and aromatic pure essential oils including orange, cinnamon, mint (and clove). (While stocks are available). 

Additional items:

  • £5 Pythagorean Numerology chart (example) (printed on A4 white, yellow or blue card) with a separate printed A4 page or emailed interpretation of the numbers
  • Calligraphy - have your name written in Gothic Style Calligraphy on any certificate you provide for only 45p/ certificate, £2 for 5 or £3 for 10 certificates.

Additional Notes for Tailor made Aromatherapy Massage Oils:

1- If you own a massage oil made by Holistic Healing Hands and if some of the scent has faded over time, but not much of the oil has been used, (natural massage oils containing pure essential oils do evaporate over time), then Karen can refresh your oil for you at the cost of half the price of the bottle size.

2- If you are a massage therapist and wish to provide your own bottle and base oil, the cost to add just the essential oils to make an aromatherapy blend will also be half price and the bottle will need to be labelled with the ingredients.

3- If just the bottle is provided, you may get £1 off the oil price, if the bottle is in a reusable condition.